Sample Customer Programmes

As Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are transforming (digitalising) their operations and systems to enable faster time to market and growth of new service revenues.

Their success depends on how well and how quickly they can complete their modernisation programmes.

New CRM / BSS / OSS Stack at UK CSP

Legacy Systems

Client had been hampered by legacy systems which prevented them from adopting digitalised processes and caused too much manual effort for the employees.

New Stack

The plan was to break away from the old systems by building a completely new "greenfield" stack and then migrate customers and operations onto the new stack.

Multi Vendor

We led the billing stream implementation across a multi-vendor team and delivered a high quality solution on time and within budget.


We were awarded for running the best programme by the client, for having the most satisfied stakeholders and happiest programme team.

Faster Billing

The client had a more agile and modern billing solution which enabled faster time to market of new products, services and offers, whilst improving their customers experience.

Recovering a struggling BSS programme

BSS Struggles

A major Turkish mobile provider was struggling with their BSS implementation.

Milestones were being missed, issues and escalations were rife, and many individuals and teams were pointing fingers at each other.

Programme Success

We performed an audit of the programme, identified the root causes for their problems, and implemented corrective action with the right governance frameworks, and included regular / ongoing programme review, coaching and direction through to programme success.

Common Goals

We got the in-house and multi-vendor teams to work together aligned around common goals as they could see their own success from achieving these goals.


The client ended up with a new BSS that enabled them to compete more effectively in their market place, growing their services and offers, and their customer base.

CRM Transformation for Business Customers at CSP in Netherlands

Lacking Visibility

The client had 6 business support centres running predominantly manually.

This made it more dificult to serve national and international customers due to the fragmented nature and lack of visibility across the business support centres.

Easy Look-up

We implemented a single customer management solution, digitalising all of the customers contracts and interactions, such that any customer support manager could easily look up and serve any customer.

Reducing Effort

The client was able to drive up customer satisfaction whilst reducing effort across the 6 supprt centres such that they took the decision to consolidate and reduce the number of centres.

New BSS Delivery for Czech CSP

Legacy BSS

The client wanted to replace a legacy BSS stack with a more modern moduler approach, leveraging order management, mediation, rating and billing solutions from different vendors.


Their own staff were daunted by the complexity of dealing with different teams and technologies.

Strong Governance

We aligned and motivated the different vendor and in-house teams to work together, establishing a strong governance framework that provided transparency and visibility to stakeholders, and good inter-team communication.

Meeting Deadlines

We were able to deliver the programme at pace, and achieved the desired outcomes within budget and planned timescales.

Acquire and Retain

The client was left with a BSS solution that enabled them to accelerate new products and offers to market, whilst enabling them to acquire and retain more customers.

Speed IOT Solutions to Market

Plan to Grow

Client had an ambitious plan to grow their IOT business, but was being held back by the challenges to test the multi-vendor environment of IOT sensors and devices at one end, with business solutions and applications that leveraged IOT at the other end, and also the innovation in the IOT space with narrow band devices.

Holisitic Approach

We built a holisitic end-to-end approach, and designed and delivered a test automation solution.

Onboard and Roll-out

This enabled us to accelerate the development and delivery of automated test cases, enabling the client to onboard and roll-out more solutions to more customers.

Leader in IOT Solutions

The result is that the client has been able to continue to be a global leader in IOT solutions with faster time to market, and faster time to deploy solutions at customers.

Multi-country Real-time Charging

Rating and Charging

Client needed to replace their legacy rating and charging solution to meet their growth.

Unable to Scale

The previous monolithic solution was unable to scale, but in-house staff were fearful about going with a modular multi-vendor approach due to lack of knowledge and experience.

Communication and Governance

We educated and reassured IT and programme staff, put in place the right conditions for communication and governance across the multi-vendor landscape, and drove the programme to success across all the countries - being careful to adapt our approach to the different cultures and capabilities in each.

Robust Solution

The result is that all four countries were implemented on time and within budget, and are now have a robust and scalable real-time charging solution that enables them to quickly configure new bundles, rates and rules.

Competitive Business

The client has continued to defend and grow their business in this competitive mobile environment.