Our services accelerate your programme success

We offer a range of services, all of which are designed to support your transformation goals and accelerate modernisation programmes.
Our people centric approach pervades through them all, even those that deliver high levels of automation.

Programme Audit and Recovery

If your programmes and projects are stalling or failing, then this is for you.

We take a people first approach to auditing your programme, interviewing staff at diffrerent levels in the programme, and couple this with a review of the management controls in place.

Based on this review we build and implement a set of recommendations that gets the programme moving forwards at pace, with the right KPI's and metrics to ensure quality of deliverables and outcomes against the programme budget and plan.

Speed Business Case Approval

All too often key programmes do not take off in the first place due to lack of support and buy-in to the business case.

Our people centred approach ensures that we understand what each stakeholder in the decision process will be looking for, and take a rigorous approach to ensuring the business case passes scrutiny whilst satisfying all key stakeholders.

This helps to ensure that the programme is set-up for success with a realisism and stakeholder support that is all important.

Human Centred Process Digitalisation

We have seen and read stories where over-eager digitilisation and automation actually leads to poorer customer satisfaction, and additional overhead for employees.

We take a people centred approach, which means that your digitalisation efforts actually lead to improved experiences for customers and employees alike.

We take care to ensure that automation tools make things easier and quicker for them, keep them informed, and help guide them through their tasks.

This not only drives buy-in, but also delivers better return-on-investment and productivity gains.

Augmented People Intelligence (AI Deployment)

Too many Artificial Intelligence (AI) programmes get stalled due to lack of understanding and fear.

This is even more of a case when looking at the latest in Generative AI and large language models, and what is perceived as a people replacement approach, whether in chatbots, or other use cases.

Our people centred approach means that from the outset we involve and educate all stakeholders to understand and use the AI technology to make their work easier and quicker, and enhancing their customer's experience at the same time.

The fundamental approach we take is to augment employee capability to deliver productivity and morale gains, which leads to front-line staff being more motivated to serve your customers.