Accelerating Programme Success

Digitalisation and modernisation programmes

Accelerating Programme Success

Digitalisation and modernisation programmes are tough with many moving parts adding their complexity.

According to multiple studies, a high proportion of programmes fail to deliver the projected benefits, and often exceed budgets and planned timeframes.

Whilst there are many detailed reasons why things go wrong, our experience shows that these come down to 3 distinct areas...


Business and IT leadership often doesn't have the training and experience to deliver large complex programmes.

Many don't have the planning and reporting mechanisms in place to identify and address potential risks and issues early enough. And they still have their day jobs to do.


All too often people on programmes also don't have the knowledge and experience.

But more importantly they have probably not worked with other programme team members, and we find there are often morale and alignment issues.

The lack of teamwork and resource shortage is sometimes breath-taking.


A lot of the common reasons for project failure fall into this 3rd category.

That is, the mechanisms and frameworks to keep an eye on the right things are not in place, and all too often control is lost through lack of visbiility and fear of escalation.